South Carolina inmate gets his temperature taken

Have you ever wondered how prisoners in South Carolina receive health care? For most of us, it’s not something we’ve considered. For the 17,000 inmates and thousands of people employed by the South Carolina prison system, the focus on health care came crashing to the forefront of their consciousness earlier this year as it became clear that a pandemic was on the horizon.

“We started thinking about the coronavirus in mid-January,” said April Clarke, M.D., who serves as the chief medical officer for the South Carolina Department of Corrections. “I remember when the director came in and started planting the…

Fasting has become incredibly popular over the past few years. People from all walks of life are trying out the practice of restricting or eliminating calories. You may have considered dipping your toe in yourself or you likely know someone who has. Anyone who has fasted will tell you it’s a challenge — most will say a worthy one.

There are many reasons why people choose to fast: spiritual, physical, mental, but sometimes all of the above, and these all are valid reasons to pursue this centuries-old practice.

Fasting has existed since at least the fifth century B.C., when Greek…

In the 1970s, a new type of solution to reversing severe allergic reactions was introduced. Invented by Sheldon Kaplan and approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration in 1987, the EpiPen®, or epinephrine injection, has literally been a lifesaver.

Used to treat anaphylaxis — a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction — the EpiPen® is prescribed to more than 3 million people in the United States alone. Anaphylaxis can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you’re allergic to, such as peanuts or bee stings.

Before its invention, people carried cumbersome kits that were often conveniently left…

Lord Acton, English Catholic historian, politician, and writer

There is a certain type of person who praises authority figures no matter if they are devoid of morals or leadership ability.

To them, the position itself bestows the necessary qualities to serve, instead of requiring service as a precursor.

I thought that type of person was rare. I was wrong.

Those preaching morality are eerily silent when real moral issues arise. To them, authority is sacrosanct and to challenge power is blasphemy.

This in itself is a moral failure.

Those in positions of power should be held to a higher standard, constantly exposed to judgment and open to finding…

Ever since I saw the video of Art Washington pleading to the rioters in the 1992 LA riots, he’s been on my mind.

He’s stuck in there. Like I know him somehow.

Absurd, I know. I can’t possibly relate to his struggle.

Other than being a business owner, we’ve lived very different experiences.

I was 7 when this video was filmed. Comfortably playing SNES in my small town Mill Village house. No clue what was happening on the west coast.

We had hard times. They were nothing compared to his.

Yet I feel a connection to him. I’ve watched…

“For five minutes, we watched a White officer press his knee into a Black man’s neck. Five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help, you’re supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic, human sense,” Mayor Jacob Frey posted.

If only one of the four officers had been properly trained, the murder of George Floyd would not have happened.

It’s easy to jump to racism as the only issue here without contributing something to the conversation, so I want to offer a deeper explanation along with a solution.

The reason this keeps happening is a lack of leadership and personal responsibility on the part of law enforcement. Less than 10% of law enforcement officers seek proper additional training, and no one is requiring them to do so.

This is not meant to demonize police officers. They aren’t paid adequately…

I don’t care how many memes and song lyrics tell you otherwise, true depression is far more rare than people like to admit.

If that offends you, good.

Most of the chronically depressed are either protecting their ego to feel significant in their misery, or misusing their brain and body to create a life situation that’s shitty.

A very small percentage actually have something biologically wrong.

Mental health IS important.

We DO need to destigmatize it.

But we don’t need to pathologize it.

What does a depressed person look like? Slumped shoulders, bad posture, turned down face, right?

We all…

I just turned 33.
Your spine has 33 vertebrae.
Water boils at 33 on the Newton scale.

Here are 33 aphorisms and truths to use as a second spine when life reaches a boiling point:

  1. Stay away from people who make you “earn or deserve” them.

2. Caring about what other people think of you doesn’t make you weak. Only sociopaths and serial killers don’t care.

3. Do your own thing despite caring what others think (unless you’re a serial killer).

4. A new wardrobe can make you feel like a million bucks. …

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

All my life, I’ve known I’d do something besides the 9 to 5.

But before I set out on my own path, I did what was necessary to survive: I went into the corporate world. There, I quickly got a Harvard-level education on things NOT to do…

What NOT to do:

1A: Don’t think you can walk into the office right after a 4-day bender on no sleep with a sunburnt forehead the color of the Kool-Aid man and no one will notice.

2A: Don’t think your boss knows more than you just because they have a nametag that says “Manager” (caution: this may…

Self-awareness can be a good thing, but it can also make you an awkward mess.

I used to be that guy. Always overthinking what to do with my hands and cracking jokes a minute too late. Because I desperately wanted to be liked, I’d overthink how the whole room was perceiving me.

Imagine trying to see through the eyes of hundreds of people at once — painfully self aware.

A rather stressful way to live life if you ask me.

I still overthink things. Usually when I create content (which is a similar problem as before, trying to create things that appeal to thousands…

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